Experience Idaho’s Winter Magic!

Discover the enchantment of an Idaho winter with a horse-drawn sleigh ride, an experience that promises adventure and nostalgia in equal measure.

Whether it’s a romantic journey for two, a family adventure, or an evening of local entertainment, Idaho offers a variety of sleigh ride options to suit every preference.

Sun Valley Sleigh Rides

Sun Valley, ID
Website: Sun Valley Sleigh Rides

Embrace the romance of winter with a classic horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snowy hills surrounding Sun Valley. From daytime scenic views to evening escapades across Bald to Proctor Mountain, there’s no better way to end a winter day.

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

Sandpoint, ID
Website: Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

In North Idaho’s transformed winter wonderland, the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch offers serene horse-drawn sleigh rides or wagon rides. Enjoy the beauty of a two-mile loop route, even if snowfall hasn’t reached its peak—a switch to tires ensures the scenic experience continues.

Hap and Florence Points Sleigh Rides

Donnelly, Idaho
Website: Hap and Florence Points Sleigh Rides

Delve into a rustic, intimate elk-viewing experience on a horse-drawn sleigh along the scenic Gold Fork River. Witness a rare up-close encounter with wild elk, offering a once-in-a-lifetime interaction amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Idaho Sleigh Rides

Garden Valley, ID
Website: Idaho Sleigh Rides

Explore the winter wilderness of Garden Valley aboard a vintage sleigh pulled by striking Black and White Spotted Draft Horses. Encounter wild elk and conclude your adventure with complimentary refreshments, warmth by the fireplace, and optional dinner selections.

Immerse yourself in the winter charm of Idaho through these unique sleigh ride experiences. Revel in the laughter, stunning vistas, and intimate encounters with nature’s wonders. What is your favorite Idaho winter adventure?