Mountains to Meadows: Celebrating

A new art exhibit titled Mountains to Meadows: Celebrating will open on Tuesday, February 7, in the Initial Point Gallery located on the third floor of Meridian City Hall. The show will feature works by six local artists: Cindi Walton, Claire Remsberg, Jessie Swimeley, Jill Storey, Mary Arnold, and Angela Neiwert and will remain on display through Friday, March 3. The exhibit will highlight the natural world surrounding Idaho, featuring the relationship between the mountains, the rivers that begin there, the trails into the meadows, the sagebrush steppe, and the flora and fauna of Idaho.

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Freak Alley Gallery, Downtown Boise

Freak Alley Gallery is the northwest’s largest open-air, multi-artist mural gallery, located between 8th and 9th street and Bannock and Idaho in Downtown Boise. The outdoor art gallery started with a single mural that Colby Akers painted on the back alley door of Moon’s Café in 2002. When businesses next door saw his work, many were so impressed that they to wanted the artist to paint their buildings. 

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