Gem State Hot Springs

Embark on a journey through the scenic landscapes of Idaho and discover the hidden treasures of its abundant hot springs. From the rugged mountains of central Idaho to the serene valleys in the south, the Gem State boasts a diverse array of geothermal wonders waiting to be explored.

Join us as we delve into the therapeutic waters of Idaho’s hot springs, each offering its own unique charm and rejuvenating qualities. Whether you seek relaxation amidst natural beauty or adventure along rushing rivers, Idaho’s hot springs promise an unforgettable experience for all who venture to immerse themselves in their soothing embrace.

Lava Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs, Southeast Idaho

Nestled in the scenic valley of the Portneuf River, Lava Hot Springs is a charming resort town celebrated for its therapeutic hot springs soaking pools. These mineral-rich waters bubble up from underground sources, offering a blissful and revitalizing soak. For adventure enthusiasts, the nearby Portneuf River provides an exhilarating inner tube run amidst stunning natural scenery. A stroll along Main Street reveals quaint cafes, intriguing shops, and lively local businesses. With public parks for picnics and recreational activities like basketball and tennis, Lava Hot Springs offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Experience the magic of this must-visit Idaho destination and create unforgettable memories in its enchanting surroundings.

Lava Hot Springs Website 

Things to Know:

  • Open 363 days a year.
  • Access to the entire facility—including the outdoor Olympic pool (open summer only), Indoor Aquatic Center, Portneuf Kiddie Cove, diving platforms and slides—is included in the ticket price.
  • Lockers, towels and swimsuits are available for rent.
  • Alcohol and glass containers are not allowed at the World Famous Hot Pools or Olympic Swimming Complex.

Easley Hot Springs

Ketchum, Central Idaho

Located just 12 miles north of Ketchum, Easley Hot Springs offers a family-friendly swimming complex with breathtaking mountain views. Here, you can enjoy a soak in a full-size swimming pool or relax in one of the two hot tubs, all fed by a nearby hot spring. The mineral-rich waters provide a rejuvenating experience in a majestic setting. After your soak, grab a seat on the patio for a delightful picnic, making Easley Hot Springs a perfect spot for both relaxation and family fun.

Easley Hot Springs Website

Things to Know:

  • Open from Memorial to Labor Day, closed Mondays
  • Easley Campground is within walking distance.
  • Store on-site for snacks and other needs

Epic Hot Springs

St. Charles, Southeast Idaho

Located on the beach at the northeast corner of Bear Lake, Idaho, Epic Hot Springs offers an idyllic camping experience with stunning lake views. The campground features two hot mineral pools and well-appointed campsites, making it perfect for relaxation. Guests can enjoy a full-service water sports rental concessionaire right on the beach, as well as a fast-food grill and camping supply store inside the main office building. Epic Hot Springs is the ideal destination for a summer vacation or your next family reunion.

Epic Hot Springs Website

Things to Know:

  • Please check website for more information and pricing.

Miracle Hot Springs

Buhl, South Central Idaho

Nestled along the historic Thousand Springs Scenic Byway between Hagerman and Buhl, Miracle Hot Springs invites you to experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation amidst breathtaking natural scenery. Our resort features a large geothermal artesian swimming pool and private mineral hot tubs renowned for their healing properties. Enhance your getaway by staying in one of our on-site accommodations, which include fully-equipped Park Homes, glamping domes, and a campground tailored to fit your adventure. With four large outdoor geothermal pools maintained at temperatures ranging from 96 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, each pool is filled with mineral-rich spring water. Our VIP pools offer private changing rooms, temperature controls, and an inviting patio for up to six adults to relax in privacy, with all-day access to the outdoor pools included with a private pool booking. Complete your experience with a soothing massage at Miracle Spa for the ultimate relaxation and unwinding.

Miracle Hot Springs Website 

Things to Know:

  • Please check website for more information and pricing.
  • Along the Historic Thousand Springs Scenic Byway.

Challis Hot Springs

Challis, Central Idaho

Challis Hot Springs, nestled in the Land of the Yankee Fork State Park in the Salmon River Valley of central Idaho, offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. With natural hot springs and RV and tent camping, it provides a serene getaway. The campground, located on the banks of the Salmon River, is ideal for launching kayaking or rafting trips, fishing for trout and salmon, or simply watching the abundant wildlife. Surrounded by numerous outdoor recreation opportunities, Challis Hot Springs is a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Challis Hot Springs Website

Things to Know:

  • Please check website for more information and pricing.

Green Canyon Hot Springs

Newdale, Eastern Idaho

Green Canyon Hot Springs, situated in a tranquil rural setting in eastern Idaho, is a historical hideaway along Canyon Creek in Fremont County. Privately owned and operated by the same family since 1953, it originally opened in 1903. The site features both indoor and outdoor pools, with water temperatures maintained at a soothing 96 degrees and an outdoor hot pool at 105 degrees. For those seeking a refreshing contrast, there’s a small cold plunge pool. The hot springs offer tent and RV camping, swimming lessons, and all-day passes for campers. Renowned for its scenic stream-side camping area and modern amenities, Green Canyon Hot Springs is a favored destination for family reunions, church group gatherings, and vacationers.

Green Canyon Hot Springs Website

Things to Know:

  • Please check website for more information, hours of operation and pricing.
  • RV and tent sites are available.

Mundo Hot Springs

Cambridge, Southwest Idaho

Located just three miles north of Cambridge, Idaho, Mundo Hot Springs is an ideal destination for a leisurely soak. The geothermal water, piped directly from the spring to the pool and spa, features a continual flow-through design that keeps the water fresh and sparkling. Rich in naturally occurring minerals, the hot springs leave visitors feeling refreshed and relaxed. Mundo Hot Springs also offers a pool house and cabin for rent, as well as tent and RV sites, making it perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Mundo Hot Springs Website

Things to Know:

  • The Bistro is open during pool hours, serving homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts and snacks.
  • Please check the website for more information and pricing.

Gold Fork Hot Springs

Donnelly, Southwest Idaho

Nestled in the foothills of the North Fork Range, just south of McCall in the quaint town of Donnelly, Gold Fork Hot Springs offers a serene escape with its six outdoor, mineral-rich pools formed by natural rock formations. The 100% natural, alkaline water is not only refreshing but also beneficial for the skin and body. The resort’s hydrotherapy jets and a combination of hot and cold pools provide the perfect end to any day. The natural wooden decking, boasting a 50-year lifespan, adds to the rustic charm, reminiscent of the Atlantic City boardwalk. Located along the Gold Fork River amid beautiful pine trees in Valley County, Idaho, this privately owned resort features heated changing rooms, free lockers, and geothermal heated sidewalks, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience year-round.

Gold Fork Hot Springs Website

Things to Know:

  • Closed Tuesdays
  • Open all holidays
  • Check the parks’ websites for available activities and any age/size restrictions.
  • Remember swim diapers for the little ones
  • Credit/debit cards ARE NOT accepted.

Burgdorf Hot Springs

McCall, Central Idaho

Burgdorf Hot Springs, a rustic historic resort nestled in the mountains of the Payette National Forest in central Idaho, lies 32 miles north of McCall. Open year-round, this resort is accessible by car via Warren Wagon Road in the summer (June-October) and by snowmobiles in the winter (December-April). During brief periods in late fall (November-December) and early spring (May), access is limited, so please plan accordingly. The resort features three historic log-sided pools with gravel bottoms. The two smaller pools near the source maintain temperatures around 113°F, while the larger pool averages 100-113°F, with a shallow partitioned section for children and those with limited mobility. Burgdorf Hot Springs offers charming rustic cabins for rent, each with its own unique history and character. These cabins lack running water and electricity, providing a true “camping inside a cabin” experience. Equipped with wood stoves, firewood, ambient lighting, beds, and basic furnishings, the cabins require guests to bring their own bedding, cooking supplies, and lighting needs. Whether arriving by car or snowmobile, visitors to Burgdorf Hot Springs are in for a memorable retreat immersed in natural beauty and historic charm.

Burgdorf Hot Springs Website

Things to Know:

  • Burgdorf Hot Springs is open to cabin guests and day soak guests by prior reservation only.
  • During the Spring/ Summer Season, Burgdorf is fully accessible to all vehicle traffic.
  • There are two small hot pools at the inlet that average around 113 °F.
  • A partitioned shallow pool has been built for the little ones, though children must be accompanied and supervised by parents at all times.
  • If you plan on staying at one of the rustic cabins on the property, you’ll need to bring your own bedding.