The 10 Most Beautiful Places To See Wildflowers In Idaho This Spring

During the spring season, the natural landscapes in Idaho change colors and put on a show like you’ve never seen before. It’s a stunning event that we and many others look forward to every year.

Take it from us though, it’s always best to start planning where you’ll see wildflowers in Idaho well ahead of time. To help you get the most out of your outing, we’ve put together the following list of some of the best places to view Idaho wildflowers. As you’ll learn, there are many options to enjoy these lovely gems when you’re in Idaho and wonder, “Where are there wildflowers near me?”.

1. Fairfield Foothills, Fairfield, ID

Soldier Front Trail

If you’re looking for one of Idaho’s lesser-known wildflower viewing spots, look no further than the foothills surrounding Fairfield and Soldier Mountain. This area is notable for its ravishing array of golden hues during the springtime, and it’s a magical site of spring flowers in Idaho that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

2. Camas Centennial Marsh, Hill City, ID 

Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area 

Perhaps Idaho’s most famous wildflower viewing spot is the Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area near Hill City. Photographers and flower enthusiasts flock to this area during late spring to see the magnificent show of purple-blue Camas Lillies taking over the endless landscape of Idaho wildflowers.

3. Stanley Area, Stanley, ID 

Fishhook Creek Trail

The quiet town of Stanley is mostly famous as a summer destination. However, it’s just as delightful during springtime. It’s during this time that this remote region of central Idaho truly shines. After all, the sight of colorful wildflowers in Idaho only highlights the rugged beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains in the background.

5. Proctor Mountain, Sun Valley, ID

Proctor Mountain Trail

The area around both Sun Valley and Ketchum is prime for spotting wildflowers in Idaho.  A local favorite is Proctor Mountain since it boasts remarkable views of both Bald Mountain and Ketchum, along with a dense, flower-covered landscape. It’s notably one of the first places to bloom in the valley with luminous yellow arrowleaf balsamroot along with other types of wildflowers.

6. Boise Foothills, Boise, ID

Crestline Sidewinder Loop Trail

Lastly, the foothills surrounding Boise are famous for their springtime beauty. Additionally, the foothills are home to an intricate trail system which makes it easy to explore this stunning natural landscape. A local favorite is the Crestline Sidewinder Loop Trail which is known for lighting up with Idaho wildflowers with the arrival of spring.

7. Bloomington Lake, Paris, ID

Bloomington Lake Trail

A hidden gem to those outside of Southeast Idaho, Bloomington Lake is an absolute treasure whose most recognizable feature is a sheer north-facing headwall. Two incredibly rare plants are found here in abundance, nurtured by the lake’s waters and shade trees: Rydberg’s Musineon and Green Spleenwort. Uniquely, many of the flowers and vegetation found here aren’t found in Southeast Idaho at all – they’re found in alpine regions nearly 2,000 feet higher in elevation. But this strange phenomenon also makes the area incredibly diverse.

8. Bear Basin Road, McCall, ID

Bear Basin Trailhead

Just a few miles north of McCall, Bear Basin offers wildflower viewing with a wow-worthy backdrop. The sub alpine meadow is comes alive with colorful, flowering plants in an array of blues, pinks, yellows and whites. June and early July provide visitors the best opportunities for wildflower viewing, especially Mule’s Ears, Camas, Mountain Shooting Star, and more. The drive takes you straight through the middle of the meadow, which is lined with firs and other conifers.

9. Keg Springs, Island Park, ID

Intermountain Region Viewing Area

In winter, Keg Springs is known as one of the snowiest parts of Island Park, which in turn is the snowiest city in the entire state. But spring dramatically transforms this idyllic meadow into a kaleidoscope of color. The Keg Springs road begins at about 6,600 feet in elevation and ends on the continental divide between Idaho and Montana at about 9,000 feet. A two-mile hike can also be taken along the continental divide trail to Blair Lake in Montana. The best time to access this area for wildflower viewing is mid-July though early August.

10. Mores Mountain, Boise, ID

Mores Mountain Loop

A part of the Bogus Basin State Park system, Mores Mountain is a favorite local getaway for good reason. But come spring, the colorful views here only add to the panoramic views of the Boise valley.