Caritas Commons – A Love For All

“Affordable housing is directly related to health outcomes. As a trusted health partner for life, we are committed to caring about patient needs, including the need for a safe, affordable home.” – Jennifer Palagim VP, Commun8ity Health & Well-being at Saint Alphonsus. Together is how beautiful things come to fruition, and together with Saint Alphonsus LEAP Housing did just that by brining 14 affordable homeownership units to Boise!

Nothing that LEAP does is done alone. In the earliest days of the LEAP Housing Trust, Saint Alphonsus stepped forward and contributed a lead donation of $240,000 to make Caritas Commons a reality. Their commitment to the health of the communities in which they serve was widely recognized, as they received the 2021 Idaho Philanthropic Company of the Year for their partnership with LEAP to bring affordable homeownership to Boise.


  • 14 single-family homes, homeownership
  • 4 BED, 2 BATH, 960 SF, ADA Visitable, open floor plan, thoughtful design
  • PREFERENCE: Households with individuals who are elderly, disabled, or have special needs
  • Application Team – LEAP Housing
  • Architect/Designer – indieDwell + Flynner Homes


  • Time on Application – 500 – 600 hours
  • IHFA Application Award Amount – $1M
  • Mountain West Loan: $2.5M
  • NewWest Loan: $630,000
  • Community Donations: $635,000
  • Land costs – $565,000
  • Construction costs – $4.2M

Not only are these homes bringing health, but they also bring community connectivity to enjoy everything the city has to offer without a vehicle.

The south side of the community will have a nature path complete with seating overlooking a future public walking and biking path along the Spoils Bank Canal. It’s the place to be to listen to the birds chirp, see the spring foliage come to life and have a peaceful place away from the hustle an bustle of everyday life. All residents will have access to the path as a serene escape just a few steps from home, with future connectivity by foot or bike to Downtown Boise.

Construction of the homes also had sustainability in mind — and a touch of accessibility.

The insulation at Caritas exceeds code standards in the walls and ceilings — ensuring reduced usage of electrical-powered HVAC systems. Top-of-the-line windows are designed to keep the right air in and the wrong air out.

Designed by the environmentally conscious architects at Flynner Homes, these 4 bedroom 2 bath, and 3 bedroom 2 bath indieDwell modular homes are the perfect intersection of attractive finishes, environmental sustainability, accessibility, affordability, and durability. Landscaping will incorporate native plants artfully dispersed around each home to make an attractive drought tolerant xeriscape landscape. Additionally, all homes are ADA visit able.


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