The Learning Lab

“A literate community is a stronger community and a better place to work, live and grow.” We are proud to support the Learning Lab and their efforts in advancing adult literacy for over 30 years!

Silvercreek Realty Group’s Quarter 1 Philanthropy efforts revolve around literacy in the state of Idaho. Representatives from the Learning Lab came and spoke at a company wide meeting recently. This information was passed from the Learning Lab Development Director. This information and more can be found at:

“To give you some background on the Learning, we began in 1991 as an adult literacy project (the Literacy Lab:)) of the Junior League of Boise.  The Junior League had the foresight to see that additional services were needed and to accept the challenge of developing and implementing expanded education services for under-educated adults. Classes began on the 4th floor of the Boise Public Library!, but as the number of volunteers and students increased rapidly, more space was needed. Within a few years, we added a family literacy program where adult students could bring their young children with them and learn together. With generous financial support from the community, a second facility, The Anna Margaret Jones Center for Learning, was opened in Garden City in 2006. In 2014, classes expanded to include the Library! at Cole & Ustick. In 2016, a new Outreach program began to offer classes for low-income neighborhood apartments and Title 1 Elementary Schools. Over the past 30 years, we have provided basic skills education to more than 4,000 students, including English language, basic reading, math, and science GED prep and Citizenship classes. 

We have countless stories of adults who, for a myriad of reasons, were not able to complete high school are now graduating with their GED’s and moving on to a secondary education.  Immigrants and refugees who are learning to speak, read and write English and becoming productive, contributing members of our community and perhaps most impactful of all, low-income children who are participating in high-quality, early education programs.  These children are prepared to enter kindergarten supported by parents who have a better understanding of how to support their child throughout their school career.  Even amid COVID last year:

  •  217 adult students were enrolled at the Learning Lab
  •  60 children were enrolled in the Early Education program  
  •  33 Family completed the Family Literacy program 
  • Learning Lab student showed a 90.6% improvement in their Oral assessment, 72.2% improvement in their reading assessment and a 50.0% in their writing assessment (*data taken from pre and post-tests) 
  • Learning Lab logged 7,138.5 class attendance hours (a very big feat considering most of it took place virtually on zoom) 
  • 39 Learning Lab students were enrolled in the GED preparation classes 
  • Learning Lab helped 10 students passe 25 GED subject tests 
  • Learning Lab helped 8 students earned GEDs 
  • Learning Lab helped 1 student pass his Citizenship test

The Learning Lab is a privately funded non-profit that exists to lift our community through literacy, and we only exist because of the incredible generosity of the Treasure Valley.  A literate community is a stronger community and a better place to work, live and grow.”

Learn more about the Learning Lab and how you can make a difference at