He’s our very own “Silvercreek Brand Developer” by trade, and “BurgerBOI” by passion. Our very own, DJ Lyttle, writes about his passion as a burger enthusiast and shares some secret sauce and local hot spots.

Who doesn’t like hamburgers??? I mean c’mon…delicious ground beef in between a lightly toasted bun topped with ALL your favorite fixin’s! Well I like ‘em! Okay…correction I LOVE THEM! So much so, I created the BurgerBOI Burger Blog ( 

I started what I like to call my “Burger Journey” in the midst of COVID. I’ve always wanted to find a way to share my passion and creativity, as well as, bring attention to all of the great burger options that Boise and the rest of the Treasure Valley has to offer. As terrible as the pandemic has been, it actually gave me the time to catapult my ideas into fruition! 

BurgerBOI has been an incredible outlet. It has allowed me to flex my culinary ingenuity, as well as, give me the opportunity to connect with some really AMAZING people. It has also given me the platform to encourage people to support/buy/shop local; which is more important now than ever! 

Now…as you can imagine, I often get asked “What’s the best burger in town?” and for me, that’s always been a very tough question to answer. I truly believe it depends on what you’re in the mood for. A burger you will eat at a Drive-In, is going to be a TOTALLY different eating experience compared to a burger at a Brew Pub/Restaurant, and in my opinion, I don’t think you should compare the two! So all in all,I really don’t have an answer to that question. I DO, however, have some favorite spots around the Treasure Valley that I would love to share with you! 

By NO MEANS is this list EXCLUSIVE! There are SO MANY great and delicious options here in the Treasure Valley and I have yet to check them all out! It’s my hope that you will use this list as a guide to where you can find a great burger and build upon your own “Burger Journey”.


Big Bun Drive In

Pastrami Burger: I love me a good Pastrami Burger and Big Bun’s is FANTASTIC! Super fresh with PLENTY of Pastrami!

Fanci Freez

Super Giant Burger with Cheese: 3 patties on this bad boy. How can you go wrong? That’s right…you can’t! PRO TIP: ADD BACON!

Hamburger Connection

Jumbo Special: Make the drive to Caldwell and get yourself this OH SO delicious classic Double Cheeseburger. Thank me later!


Big Juds

The Big Jud. World Famous 1lbs Burger. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but I get it when I’m feeling REALLY hungry (which is most of the time)…lol. PRO TIP: ADD BACON and Fry Sauce. Yes…I said Fry Sauce on a burger!

Sid’s Garage

Boss Hog: SLOW. ROASTED. PORK. BELLY. On a burger. You’re Welcome.

Hit List

Pastrami Burger: House-Cured Pastrami. House Ground Beef. DE-LI-CIOUS!


The Refuge

Mimi’s Pastrami Burger: Amazing charbroiled flavor, PACKED with Pastrami!

The Shed

The Grateful Shed: This was suggested to me and I’m SO GLAD I obliged. Do yourself a favor and add their Signature Candied Bacon!


Queen’s Food Trailer

The Big Queen: 1/2 lbs of perfectly cooked deliciousness! Well seasoned and packed with flavor. 

Off The Grid-L

OTGB: Super fresh burger loaded with grilled jalapenos and onions. You’ll be glad you had it!

Triple Bs’ – Boise Best Burgers

Willy Burger: 1/2 lbs of delicious goodness loaded to the brim! Did I mention it has a fried egg???

As mentioned, there are DEFINITELY more places than what’s listed above, but hopefully this list will give you a good head start!

So there you have it…I. LOVE. BURGERS. I mean like…LOVE. LOVE! So hopefully I’ve inspired you to “LOVE. LOVE” burgers too!

For all things BURGERS in the Treasure Valley and beyond follow me on Instagram:; as well as the hashtag: #BURGERSINBOISE and on Facebook: 

Til Next Time!

D.J. aka BurgerBOI