Idaho Museums

Want to stay connected with the state we all love? Learn more about Idaho State Historical Society Membership below!

For education programs and several events open to the public, the ISHS Membership is driven to provide support in Idaho classrooms and the Idaho community. The membership includes many admission benefits and discounts that will lead you on to an educational and historical experience of a lifetime!

The Reciprocal Membership Pilot Program coincides with Idaho museums and many historical landmarks around the state. Some participating locations include…

  • Idaho State Museum (Boise) – The opportunity to learn more about historic Idahoan landmarks and what drove people to where they are today is right here! The museum has an abundance of artifacts, exhibitions and educational opportunities for the all ages!
  • Old Idaho Penitentiary (Boise) – The Penitentiary has over 100 years of Idaho criminal history that will leave your jaw dropped! Visit sites such as the Solitary Confinement, cell blocks, and the Gallows during your trip!
  • Latah County Historical Society (Moscow) – Since the 1800’s, the Latah County Historical Society has shown the magic of how Latah County became what it is today. Taking a tour through the McConnell Mansion is a must!
  • Bannock County Historical Museum (Pocatello) – This museum located in Pocatello has been developed through donations since 1990 as a part of the Idaho Centennial Celebration! Learn more about the railroad, Oregon trail and historic medical practices here! 
  •  Post Falls Historical Museum (Post Falls) – Since 1923, this museum has been home to many historic household items, a school room and has old military uniforms! 
  • Museum of North Idaho (Coeur d’Alene) – For a unique and engaging experience visit their new 2021 exhibit centered around the historic cinematic and film industry that’s taken place right in Northern Idaho! They also offer tours through permanent exhibits through The Mullan Road, Steamboats and much more!
  • Twin Falls County Historical Society Museum (Twin Falls) – Enjoy a free visit to the Twin Falls country museum to learn more about the early ages of agriculture in Idaho! The museum building was an old elementary school up until 1968 that includes a pioneer and craft house when weather permits.
  • White Spring Ranch Museum (Genesee) – The large library in Genesee contains 140 years of artifacts, letters and photographs from American history!
  • Hagerman Valley Historical Society Museum (Hagerman) – Known as the “biggest little museum in Idaho”, Hagerman Valley provides the chance to learn a great deal about the history of the Valley! It’s a quick stop right along US 30!

The Idaho reciprocal program includes several perks that are guaranteed a smoother and remarkable experience! According to their website, “purchasing a membership at any participating site gives you additional membership benefits at no additional cost, including:

  • Free admission to participating museums around Idaho.
  • Subscription to participating museums’ electronic newsletters.
  • Access to all participating museums’ virtual programs.
  • Discount for youth education programs at Idaho State Historical Society sites.
  • Discount for family activities at Idaho State Historical Society sites.

Eager to learn more? Click on their website here for more information!