Featured Artist: Randy Van Dyck

Meet local artist Randy Van Dyck and learn about his latest collection, “Transposed.”

In this series of paintings, I explore new themes and subjects in my work over a sixteen month period culminating with a second exhibition appropriately entitled, “Hindsight”. When this work began, I wasn’t sure where it was going or why I was doing it. I simply began painting with a vague idea, quite different from most of my work which is very well thought out. Language and clever titles had become overly important in my process, so I wanted to try a new approach to see where it would lead. Early in the discovery phase, the work began to reveal itself as I listened. I began by deconstructing the landscapes and reinventing the presentation with a more contemporary goal in mind. By changing the subject’s location, thus diverting the viewers focus, I wanted to shift the perception. I’m exploring that effect by removing the flora and fauna from the landscape. By concentrating on them individually, I create a new dialog as it pertains to beauty, loss of habitat and conservation. The color blocks paired with the trompe l’oeil and surrealism further emphasize the interchange. Just as this work was taking shape, COVID 19 was causing a world wide shut down. It was unavoidable that the work began to take on new meaning, reflecting our isolation and uncertainty. This transfer of place and context led me to title the entire series “Transposed”. I believe it to be the most meaningful work of my career to this day and I am very grateful for the opportunity to share these eighteen paintings with you!  

We asked Randy a few questions about his work:

Where did it all start? When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Like many people, my artistic journey started at a very early age. My parents recognized my ability and supported all my artistic endeavors. There were few opportunities for young artist back then, so I learned alongside older artists which helped to further my understanding.

What inspired this recent body of work? 

This body of work was partially inspired by the beautiful and everchanging landscapes of southwest Idaho. Some of my favorite locations include; the Treasure Valley, the Sawtooth Mountains, the Whitecloud Mountains, Snake River Valley, Cascade and McCall.

How have our Idaho communities inspired you as an artist?

I am extremely fortunate to own Capitol Contemporary Gallery which provides me the opportunity to work with some of the best artists in our community. I am continually challenged and inspired by those daily interactions.

What kind of challenges and opportunities have you experienced in recent months?

My biggest challenges lately have been training new employees while also finishing the last few paintings for my upcoming show at Capitol Contemporary in July. 

What’s next?

I like to work in series. I am finishing up this current body of work with some new ideas that are tapping me on the shoulder. Stay tuned!

Capitol Contemporary Gallery is excited to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Randy Van Dyck and mixed media by Sue Latta, titled Hindsight. The artists will be in attendance on First Thursday on July 1st from 4-8 PM. We will be featuring wine by Vizcaya Winery. The show is free, open to the public, and runs through July 31st.

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