One in Three Babies…

One in three babies does not have enough clean diapers.

Diapers can’t be purchased with food stamps or WIC. Diapers are expensive and cost over $100 a month per child. With 46% of children in Idaho under the age of three living in poor or low-income families, there are 33,000+ families likely struggling to provide basic necessities like food, shelter, and hygiene.

The consequences of diaper need are many, with health concerns, delaying development, and maternal depression being just a few.

About Idaho Diaper Bank

The Idaho Diaper Bank is one venue through which our community can positively impact the 1 in 3 babies and families in Idaho who are struggling to obtain an adequate supply of diapers to stay clean, dry and healthy.

Diapers are expensive and can cost over $100 a month per child. For those living in poverty and low income, this expense often represents over 14% of after-tax income.

There is zero governmental assistance for basic hygiene items like diapers. A lack of diapers is often a hidden consequence of poverty. Many Idaho babies are being left in wet diapers all day, which is not only uncomfortable for a baby, but a real health risk. By giving families something as simple as a diaper, we give them a glimpse of hope and a chance to get back on track financially and reduce overall family stress.

Diapers are essential to a child’s wellbeing and healthy development. Not having enough diapers can cause significant stress and mental health issues for the family. Diaper Need is a strong predictor of maternal depression.

In order to safely care for their child, or enroll a toddler or infant in a childcare program while they work, parents must have a reliable supply of diapers.

Without access to diapers, many families cannot take their children to daycare and thus are unable to work or go to school themselves.

Learn How Idaho Diaper Bank Helps and Our Impact on Idaho Families and Communities.

Our Vision

Ensure every diaper wearing person in Idaho has access to the diapers and diapering supplies they need to remain clean, dry, healthy and happy.

Our Mission

Collaborate with community partners to organize diaper drives, purchase diapers in bulk, and distribute diapers to nonprofit partner distribution organizations, ultimately assisting families and babies most in need.

How You Can Help

The need for diapers is great, but so are the opportunities to help meet the need! From making a donation, to volunteering, to helping spread awareness of diaper need, there are many ways to help alleviate diaper need in Idaho.

Donate to the Idaho Diaper Bank today or follow this link to learn about other ways you can get involved. 

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Content provided by Carol Seiber.
Carol Seiber is a real estate agent with Silvercreek Realty Group. She is a community advisor and founder of the Idaho Diaper Bank.