Five Tips to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Prepare for busy season by boosting your curb appeal! Here are 5 ways to attract customers at first sight.

1. First things first; the front door

Your front door has the potential to scream ‘welcome home’ to buyers! Therefore, it is important to clean it up every so often. The simplest and most affordable way to amp up your front door is by repainting. Repainting the door to match the theme of your home is practical, but consider allowing the door to stand out with a brighter color. Many homebuyers are choosing to upgrade to a double door front to create a more welcoming ambiance. 

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2. Declutter your gutters 

While your gutters may seem like just a functional part of your home, they can really make the house look neglected if they’re not kept up with. The least you can do is clean the gutters out or have them repainted. However, if you are looking to replace the gutters, listed below are three common gutter types used.

  • Vinyl gutters offer the benefit of being easy to install and the most affordable. However, being that they are on the cheaper end, they have the potential to crack over time especially in colder climates.
  • Aluminum gutters are rustproof and the most traditional style. Being so, they are highly resistant to damage and available in a diverse range of colors.
  • Copper gutters are the most long lasting, but pricey style out of the three. They offer a unique and distinctive appearance. It is suggested to coat them once in a while with a sealant to avoid oxidation.

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3. Lighten it up

Adding or changing up outdoor light fixtures will allow your house to stand out from others even when you think no one is looking. Cleaning and changing out the bulbs in your current fixtures can also amplify the curb appeal of your home. Some common outdoor light fixtures are listed below.

  • Lantern fixtures will enhance the appearance of traditional, farm or industrial houses by adding an accent. They come in a diverse array of metals and shapes to align with your personal desires.
  • Landscape lighting is often forgotten, but a huge recommendation by designers. By hanging inexpensive lanterns or drooping string bulb lights around the backyard porch, it creates an environment where people will want to spend time. In the end, it’ll prove to the buyer that your home has a spot for everyone.
  • Walkway lights create a dramatic, but exquisite effect on the greeting to your home. To pizazz up the effect, consider using automated LED lights on the walkway to your porch.

4. Add a Pop of Color to your Box

a neglected mailbox can easily raise a red flag for prospective buyers”

– Khail Alexander El-Ghoul.

As homeowners, it is easy to forget about the ancient and cow-webbed mailbox that sits right in front of your home. But you’ll always need one, which is why it is important to show it some love every once in a while. Consider repainting or replacing the mailbox. To tie the house together, match the color of your mailbox to the front door or your house’s trim color. 

5. Create symmetry

Creating symmetry on the front of your house will be the icing on the cake to your exterior design front. While it may seem simple, this tactic appeals to a buyers eye.  Use your front porch or garage door to add plants on each side. Consider doing the same with the exterior light fixtures on each side of the front door.

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