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A Letter from the Director

The Idaho State Historical Society continues to build on our over 140-year legacy of preserving and promoting Idaho history. We have grown from our original charge of chronicling the state’s story to engaging Idahoans through inspiring educational services that empower their decision making.

By sharing information and understanding about Idaho, we provide tangible links to the past that illuminate and give context to the present. By stewarding Idaho’s historical collections that resonate with story, we ensure that future generations have a foundation on which to build. By providing access to government records, we continue the legacy of freedoms afforded our state by its guiding documents and citizen action. Historic sites immerse visitors in compelling, authentic learning environments. Through exhibitions, public programs, and purposeful conversations, our state’s story is a beacon for civic engagement.

We have delivered on our promise to preserve and promote Idaho history as a trusted resource. We boldly move forward to serve Idahoans, informed by the spirit of those who came before, inspired to listen, engage, and lift the human spirit.

We hope that you will join us in that endeavor! Please attend a program, experience an exhibition, contribute a meaningful collection item, join as a member or let us know how you would like to be part of the Idaho State Historical Society’s family.

Janet Gallimore
Executive Director & State Historic Preservation Officer


Support Idaho History

There are many ways for you to get involved and support the Idaho State Historical Society. Find grants that promote history in your community, consider volunteering at one of our historic sites, nominate a historic property for formal recognition, or consider becoming a member and help fund essential public and educational programming.

Have you benefitted from and Idaho State Historical Society service or program? Consider sharing your story in your community. Use the Idaho State Historical Society Supporter Toolkit or the ISHS Supporter Letter Template as a guide to help share your passion for Idaho history. 

The content of this article was published by The Idaho State Historical Society