What make Idaho one of the best places to live?

Nestled in the heart of the Northwest, Idaho is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With its breathtaking landscape and welcoming locals, it’s no wonder why this state has become one of the best places to live in America. From affordable living costs to endless outdoor adventures. Sit back, relax and let us show you what makes this state so special!

The Landscape

Idaho’s landscape is truly a sight to behold. From the majestic mountains to the vast plains, there is something for everyone here. The state boasts of over 2 million acres of national forests and wilderness areas, making it an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

One of Idaho’s most iconic features is its stunning mountain range that spans across the eastern part of the state. The Sawtooth Mountains offer some of the most picturesque views in America, with towering peaks and crystal-clear lakes at every turn.

If you’re looking for something a little more rugged, head out west to Hells Canyon, North America’s deepest river gorge. Here you’ll find breathtaking scenery alongside exciting whitewater rafting opportunities.

The Snake River Plain dominates much of central Idaho offering miles upon miles of seemingly never-ending rolling hills covered in sagebrush and grasslands – perfect for hiking or horseback riding.

Regardless if you prefer high alpine trails or wide-open vistas, Idaho has it all when it comes to its natural landscape.

The People

Idaho is known for its friendly and welcoming people, who are always ready to lend a helping hand. Whether you’re new to the state or have lived here all your life, you’ll find that Idahoans are some of the warmest and most hospitable people around.

One reason why the people in Idaho are so friendly is because they live in close-knit communities where everyone knows each other. This creates a strong sense of camaraderie and makes it easy for newcomers to feel welcome. Additionally, many Idahoans share a love of outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, and skiing, which helps bring people together.

The state’s diverse population also contributes to its unique character. From Native Americans to Basque immigrants to Mormons who settled here in the 19th century, there is a rich tapestry of cultures represented in Idaho. This diversity has helped shape the state’s history and gives it an identity unlike any other.

Whether you’re exploring one of Idaho’s charming small towns or attending one of its festive community events like a rodeo or county fair, you’re sure to encounter plenty of friendly locals who will make your visit memorable. So if you’re looking for a place with great scenery and even better people, look no further than Idaho!

The Cost of Living

Idaho stands out as one of the best places to live in terms of cost of living. The state offers a lower cost of living compared to other popular states like California and New York. This affordability is not just limited to housing, but also extends to food, transportation, and utilities.

Housing costs are significantly lower in Idaho compared to many other states. You can easily find affordable apartments or houses for rent or purchase without having to compromise on quality or location. Additionally, property tax rates are among the lowest in the country.

The cost of groceries and dining out is also reasonable in Idaho. Farmers markets offer fresh produce at competitive prices while supermarkets provide a variety of options at low prices. Restaurants across the state serve delicious meals at affordable prices too.

Transportation expenses are reasonable with fuel costs being relatively cheaper than other parts of the United States. Public transport services such as buses are available throughout major cities providing an economical mode for commuting.

Utility bills remain affordable due to minimal demands placed by weather conditions like mild winters that require little heating during winter months.

Idaho’s low-cost standard enables its residents’ financial stability giving them more disposable income which helps support their lifestyle choices including recreational activities making it an attractive place for people looking for a high-quality life at an affordable price point!

The Weather

Idaho’s weather is known for its four distinct seasons, each with its own unique beauty. The summers are mild and dry, with temperatures typically in the mid-80s. This makes it perfect for outdoor recreation such as hiking or fishing.

The fall season is breathtakingly beautiful as the leaves change color and temperatures start to drop. It’s a great time to visit local farms and orchards that offer seasonal produce like apples, grapes, pumpkins, corn mazes – you name it!

Winter brings snowfall which creates a winter wonderland that can be enjoyed by skiing enthusiasts across Idaho’s many ski resorts. Temperatures usually hover between 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit but can drop lower at night.

Springtime brings warmer weather and some of the best scenery one could ask for! Flowers begin to bloom everywhere around Idaho creating picturesque views during hikes in nature reserves or while taking scenic drives along rural highways.

Idaho’s climate offers an array of experiences throughout the year catering to different interests – making it a great place to live all year round!

Idaho’s Scenic Byways

Idaho is a state with some of the most breathtaking scenic byways in the country. These roads weave through diverse landscapes, ranging from lush forests to rugged mountains and vast deserts. Here are just a few examples of Idaho’s stunning scenic byways:

The Salmon River Scenic Byway takes you on a journey through the heart of Idaho and provides access to some of the best fishing spots in the state. The road also passes through dramatic river canyons and offers panoramic views of snow-capped peaks.

For those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, consider taking the Magruder Corridor Scenic Byway. This unpaved road winds its way between two wilderness areas and offers unparalleled views of rugged mountain terrain.

The Sawtooth Scenic Byway will take your breath away as it meanders past jagged peaks, pristine lakes, and alpine meadows. This route is particularly popular during fall when visitors come to witness Idaho’s vibrant autumn colors.

Another must-see destination is Craters of the Moon National Monument along US 93 which displays otherworldly volcanic formations that look like they belong on another planet!

No matter which scenic byway you choose to explore in Idaho, you’re guaranteed unforgettable scenery that will leave you longing for more!

Outdoor Recreation

Idaho boasts an abundance of outdoor recreation activities, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to hike in the mountains or float down a river, there is something here for everyone.

For those who enjoy hiking and climbing, Idaho has numerous trails that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Some popular spots include Sawtooth National Forest and Craters of the Moon National Monument.

If water sports are more your thing, you’ll love Idaho’s rivers and lakes. The Salmon River is known for its whitewater rafting opportunities while Lake Coeur d’Alene offers boating and fishing options.

Winter sports are also popular in Idaho, with several ski resorts dotting the landscape. Sun Valley Resort is considered one of the best in the country with over 2,000 acres of skiable terrain.

But outdoor recreation isn’t just limited to these activities – horseback riding, hunting, and camping are also popular pastimes in this great state. With so many options available year-round, it’s no wonder why people choose to call Idaho home.


Idaho truly is one of the best places to live in America. With its breathtaking landscapes, friendly people, low cost of living, mild weather, and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to call Idaho home.

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant city or a small town with a strong sense of community, Idaho has something for everyone. And with plenty of job opportunities and excellent schools throughout the state, it’s easy to see why so many families are making the move to Idaho.

So if you’re thinking about relocating or just want to experience all that this great state has to offer, come visit us in Idaho – we’d be happy to show you around!