Sun Salutations

Bring on the sun, we are sick of the snow… maybe we should all try some sun salutations!! New to yoga? Here is your ultimate guide to yoga studios (and sun salutations) throughout the state.

The idea that a few yoga moves might bring us the Vitamin D that we have been so hopeful for is far fetched, but we are more than ready for spring to show face here and a little movement might help us all.

Sun Salutations, also known as Surya Namaskar, are a sequence of yoga postures traditionally performed in the morning to greet the sun and energize the body. They are a fundamental part of many yoga practices and are often used as a warm-up or as a standalone practice.

The sequence typically consists of 12 postures that flow together in a continuous sequence, with each posture coordinated with a breath. The postures include mountain pose, forward fold, plank, chaturanga, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog, lunge, and warrior poses.

Sun salutations are not only a physical practice, but they also have spiritual and philosophical significance in yoga. They are believed to help balance the body’s energy centers and promote a sense of calm and focus.

It’s important to note that if you have any injuries or medical conditions, it’s always best to consult with a qualified yoga teacher or healthcare provider before beginning any yoga practice, including sun salutations.


Here’s a directory of yoga studios located throughout Idaho! Are we missing your favorites? Comment below!!

Coeur d’Alene

  1. Yoga for Wellness
  2. Flow Yoga
  3. The Zen Den
  4. Yoga Joy Studio
  5. Embody Studio
  6. Heartfelt Yoga Studio
  7. North Idaho Yoga and Wellness


  1. Shanti Yoga
  2. Moscow Yoga Center
  3. Body and Soul Fitness Studio
  4. Essential Yoga
  5. Grateful Yoga


  1. Shanti Yoga School
  2. Yoga & SUP
  3. McCall Pilates & Yoga Studio
  4. Alpine Yoga
  5. Zella Yoga


  1. The Yoga Room
  2. Sage Yoga & Wellness
  3. Bloom
  4. Yoga Tree of Boise
  5. Zen Riot Studio
  6. Yoga in the Hood
  7. Garden Street Yoga
  8. ZenSpot Boise
  9. Idaho Yoga Co-Op
  10. The Yoga Institute of Boise


  1. Full Circle Yoga
  2. Studio B Yoga
  3. Kula Yoga
  4. Joyful Yoga
  5. Namaste Yoga
  6. Sunflower Yoga & Wellness
  7. Yoga Six


  1. Yogi’s Den
  2. Eagle Yoga House
  3. Elevated Yoga


  1. Rooted Yoga
  2. Sojourn Yoga Nampa
  3. The Yoga Loft
  4. Yoga Roots Nampa
  5. Radiant Yoga

Twin Falls

  1. Yoga & Fitness Factory
  2. Yoga and Massage Studio
  3. 2nd South Market
  4. Balance Hot Yoga
  5. Dharma Yoga Twin Falls


  1. Infinite Wellness Yoga
  2. Yoga Joy
  3. Harmony Yoga

Idaho Falls

  1. Be Yoga
  2. Breathe Yoga & Movement Studio
  3. The Yoga Path


  1. Sagebrush Yoga
  2. Sun Valley Wellness Institute
  3. 3 Sisters Yoga