Idaho City’s Tiny Home has ‘camping with all the luxuries’!

With summer coming to an end, we are finding any excuse to spend time outdoors. Idaho City’s tiny home resort is our featured destination.

Picture it now: campfire, stars for miles, and a quiet getaway outdoors. No, you’re not camping, you’re GLAMPING!

The new “Smokejumper Tiny Home Resort” in Idaho City combines history, outdoor activities with the latest tiny home trend in one of the state’s oldest towns.

The vision for the resort is “tiny luxury” bringing modern features to the homes creating a minimalist space. One luxury feature is smart glass. With the flip of a switch, guests can turn clear windows to frost, eliminating the need for shades.

Co-owner of Smokejumper Tiny Home Resort Tim Hurlbut said, “The minimalist concept really does kind of let you focus on more important things in life, versus a 4,000-square-foot house that you think is so great, and then you realize you never go in your living room or dining room.”

With several successful vacation rentals along the Oregon coast, Hurlbut and his girlfriend, Lynn Wong, decided to try their luck eastbound and bought a mobile home park in Idaho City.

“We absolutely fell in love with the town of Idaho City,” Hurlbut said. “We know that it’s only 45 minutes from Boise, so [we thought], ‘Let’s give it a run.’”

Both Hurlbut and Wong have spent the last year in Idaho and currently reside in one of their seven tiny homes. However now that their resort is complete, they will be finding a more permanent residence.

Each tiny home can accommodate up to four guests on its king-size bed and convertible sofa. The only rooms are the main room and a full bathroom, with the king bed atop the bathroom. Additional amenities include a kitchenette, a full bathroom, a desk and a 5G router.

An old building that once housed smokejumpers on the property was turned into a community hub where guests can hang out, do laundry and enjoy the resort’s coffee bar.

“We’ve made these very productive for people that want to work remotely,” Hurlbut said.

Want to book your stay? Guests can stay in any of the seven tiny homes for $149 per night!

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