2022 Home Renovation Trends

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be the collection of what you love” -Nate Berkus

We as homeowners; as humans, are ever evolving. Rachel Green once inspired our haircuts. Joanna Gaines now inspires our homes. As time goes on and trends fade in and out, we breathe in the acceptance of who we are today while at the same time feeling gratitude for who we were then. We experience the same feelings in our homes. What was once a small closed-in kitchen may now be an open concept with bright whites that bleed seamlessly into the living room. We bask in the new beauty but hold the old kitchen and its memories in the archives.

With the market changes, homeowners are looking to invest in their current homes instead of buying something else (and having fun while doing it!) What trends are speaking to you? These are the top 5 trends for renovation and remodeling in 2022!

First on our list – Spa Master Bathroom

Realtors and homeowners alike work long and tiring hours. What is better than coming home to a serene environment to unwind after a long day? Consider a freestanding tub, low lighting and calm colors. You can also consider adding a touch of nature. Hanging fresh eucalyptus or adding scented candles can calm the environment. A great tip is to keep the amenities out of sight for a minimalistic approach.

Second – Backyard

“Scenic Idaho”. It’s so ingrained in our minds the DMV puts this quote on our license plates! It’s no surprise Idahoans both natives and new, want to enjoy all Idaho has to offer. This year, homeowners are creating a living room style atmosphere outside. Large, plush sectionals, flat screens mounted to the wall, beautiful rugs, fireplaces and ceiling fans are quick and easy ways to bring the comfort of your couch to “Scenic Idaho” in your own backyard all year long. Maybe you’re the neighborhood host. Consider a large dining table to entertain your guests while the weather is nice. Adding a pergola can provide coverage when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. 

Third – Bold Wallpaper

I know, but hear us out! Immediately your brain goes to the Brady Bunch home circa 1970’s. Ours did too. But we are seeing bold wallpapers making a welcoming comeback. Painting interior walls can be an all day process and end up not fitting the homeowners original vision. An accent wall with bold colors or patterns can spice up the room appropriately. The wallpaper is an eye catcher and takes less than half the time it would to paint. Wallpaper is versatile and fits in every room in the home. A perfect expression of the homeowner and budget friendly! 

Fourth – Large Window Banks

Natural light will never go out of style. Consider adding windows or go bold and install floor-to-ceiling window walls. The beauty is timeless and the windows become the focal point of the room. Large window banks can also help keep utility costs down. Decrease your carbon footprint and enjoy the natural light all year long! 

Last but not least – Multifunctional Islands

Another trend that may never go out of style. The hub of the kitchen; of the home. Where members of the home come to meet and leave again. Where dinner is made. Where conversations are had. Maybe this is where kids’ homework is done. Whatever the reason may be, kitchen islands are a staple. Now we are seeing homeowners turn their islands multifunctional.Installing dishwashers, sinks, trash can cabinet pull outs are several examples of ways to spruce up your kitchen island. Our favorite new trend for the multifunctional island is to add large seating areas for the family to gather. This is the hub of the home afterall.