Escape the aisles filled with candy corn and pumpkin carving chaos this Halloween season with a true adrenaline rush. Read more to find out about Idaho’s top 3 spots for a fall thrill!

Haunted Mansions of Albion

Home of the largest paranormal activity investigations for many years in Northwest Idaho sits the Haunted Mansions of Albion. Sounds inviting right? The thrilling experience has 5 historic buildings to adventure through, if you can make it out. In 1969 Albion State Normal School became abandoned, leaving it to collect dust, spider webs and many unknown surprises. The mansion reopened to the public in 2008 with 5 separate buildings to walk through like the School of Chaos, the old Steam Plant, the Clown House, the Creature Houses and Haunted Comish Hall. Moral support is a necessity throughout the walk, so grab your friends and head to the Haunted Mansion of Albion.

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The Haunted Swamp

You may be familiar with the name Magic Mountain Ski Resort through other seasons of the year, but in the fall the 1-mile terrain turns into an electrifying haunted trail for visitors that are brave enough to face it. Twin Falls’ Magic Mountain Ski Resort started the trail as a fundraiser for their staff and patrol, but over the last 12 years it has grown into a terrifying success. The Haunted Swamp is more than just your average haunted house! Prepare for walks across bridges and through the trees… but that’s just about as much as you can prepare yourself for!

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Requiem Haunted House

Downtown Caldwell is home to one of the newest and largest haunted houses in all of Treasure Valley! Enjoy a  warm welcome to “your greatest nightmare” as actors entertain the line and all the way through the last door. The house is over 13,000 square feet in size and allows visitors to never know what’s coming next around the corner. Although the house is newer, the actors and rooms allow a futuristic and terrifying experience. The house is truly something like you will never see before!

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