Guide to Fall Home Maintenance

As the cool weather sets in and you reminisce about the warm summer days, preparing your home for the winter months will be beneficial in the long run. Read below to find out 5 simple and DIY tasks to complete this fall!

Window and Door Leaks

Avoid maintenance bills in the winter by checking your window and doors for air leaks. This can easily be done by home-owners by caulking the gaps, using a foam sealant or adjusting your weather strip. If you are looking to call in an expert for extra caution, typical window seal repairs can cost between $70-120 according to

Check the Furnace

Furnace repairs can be one of the biggest hassles during the dead and frigid temperatures. To prevent problems from arising early on, kick on the furnace during the fall to make sure it’s running properly. Experts say to be aware of squeaking, booming or clicking noises and strange odors. By changing the furnace filter regularly, home-owners can avoid build up and operation damage.  

Reverse the ceiling fans

This tip may sound obscur at first, but putting your ceiling fans in reverse can cut heating costs in the long run. Essentially, reversing the direction of your ceiling fans can circulate warm air back into your living space. On most home ceiling fans, there is an easy flip switch located on the side of the motor that will you to switch the fans direction! 

Clear out the gutters

The winter months will only bring more clutter into your gutters. Avoid the build up and possible water leakage by clearing the sticks and leaves out during the fall months. Grab your gloves, a ladder and bucket to clear out the mess in those gutters! It is also important to make sure your gutters are secured firmly to the house.

Drain the Garden Hose

To prevent having to purchase new water hoses in the summer, drain your garden hoses. Freezing water in the winter can lead to cracks and breaks in the hose! Simply lay out your hose in the yard to let it drain or blast out the water with an air compressor!