Idaho’s Hidden Gems

Idaho is home for an abundance of hidden adventures to lead you on the path less traveled. Read more to discover seven of the best


Billy Bar Hidden Beach 

Avoid the summer heat and busy beach crowds by escaping to the beach off of the Salmon River. Between the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, Billy Bar will make you feel like you’re right along the coast. recommends using Winding Waters Rafting adventure guide to help plan your next escape!

Camping in Salmon River, Idaho

Caldron Linn Waterfall

Just along the Snake River near Murtaugh and right outside the metro area of Twin Falls, hides Caldron Linn Waterfall. Travelers say the 25 foot high and magical surrounding scenery is what makes this place perfect for a day trip or Sunday afternoon getaway. Be cautious with children and pets as the falls are not fully developed with railings or secure walkways (talk about traveling off the beaten path!).

Elmers Fountain of Youth

Slightly visible from I-90 and right in the booming mining town of Mullan is proof that “friendships never die”. An honored miner and welder, Elmer Almquist, built the youth fountains to remember his dearest friends. Whether visitors head there in the winter or summer, it is truly a hidden gem that indulges in tons of history and beauty.

Malad Gorge State Park 

One of the 5 units in the Thousand Springs State Park, lays a magnificent canyon landscape. This hidden gem is actually right underneath the I-84 freeway, so you may have passed over it and not even realized. Catch a glimpse of the canyon and Malad River as you’re driving on the freeway!

Malad Gorge Canyon

Priest River Experimental Forest

13 miles North of Idaho’s small town, Priest River, is an “experimental” forest unlike any other. The forest has been used for research since 1911 because of its 6,368 acres of meadows, grasslands and some of North Idaho’s prettiest scenery.  Visitors are welcome into the forest museum full of history, old documents and tools used to study back in the day. 

Salmon River Lodge Resort 

This central, but a “million miles from everything” lodge is 70 miles from inner city Salmon and only accessible by jet boat, making it a truly unique experience! Enjoy your stay at the lodge while you pass historic ruins, wildlife and take in a hot Dutch oven meal! The site offers activities like kayaking, hiking, boating and class 2-5 rapid white water rafting.

Sunset, Lower Salmon River

Secret City of Tunnels 

Just by Twin Falls sits an “underground city” as some may call it. Although they are closed to the public currently, here sits Klarr Tunnel which is the gate to the additional 49 tunnels.  Little do many Idahoans know, but these tunnels are a part of the system that led to the development of Southern Idaho and hold a crucial part to the power of Idaho’s water.