Empowering Women Statewide

Join our community of REALTORS® as we seek to Empower Women Statewide. For the months of May and June we will be hosting a drive to benefit local women’s shelters and organizations in several of the communities we serve (including Boise, Nampa, Twin Falls, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls).


    • Idaho ranks # 33/50 when it comes to the emotional and social well-being of women & children
    • In 2020, the WCA received an increase of 57% in calls to their hotlines and an 84% increase in those related to domestic abuse
    • Over 150 calls are answered per day on hotlines for women’s support
    • Women make 25% less than men
    • Less than 50% of women in Idaho vote
    • Only 27% of women in Idaho have a college degree
    • 15% of women in Idaho have severe housing problems
    • 16% of women in Idaho are uninsured
    • 19% of women in Idaho experience severe mental distress
    • 30% of women in Idaho are diagnosed with depression
Why does this matter? Because what happens to women impacts every other part of family and community health. We are committed to empowering women to create lives of health, stability, and success.
Silvercreek Gives is accepting donations in effort to support and empower women statewide. Here’s how you can help:

Donate Items:

    • Good condition business clothing
    • Business Shoes
    • Unopened / Unused Make-Up
    • Good Condition Casual Clothing and/or Shoes
    • New / Unused Socks, Underwear, Bras, etc
    • Feminie Hygiene Supplies
    • Jewelry (Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, etc)
    • Purses, Luggage, or Duffle Bags
    • Toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Face Cleanser, Lotion, etc)
(see locations here)

Donate Money:

Silvercreek Gives
Venmo @silvercreekgives or click below to donate via Paypal
(our committee will allocate funds for the most needed items)