May Flowers

Have a green thumb? Wish you did? Here are five perennial plants that will thrive in the Idaho climate.

1. Iris

The Iris is named after the Greek workd for Rainbow – also the name for the greek godess of the rainbow. It refers to the wide variety of colors found among iris species.


2. Rudbeckia

Also known as “Black-eyed Susan” – a beautiful sunny hue that is orange to yellow depending on variety. They last beautifully in bouquets and add color to any garden bed.


3. Dianthus

Dianthus are related to carnations, usually bloom in tones of pink, and are known for their lovely fragrance.



4. Russian Sage

Russian sage blooms a beautiful lavender and is wonderfully fragrant. It thrives in teh idaho climate and is easy to care for.



5. Prickly Pear

Prickly pear is very easy to grow, not as easy to get rid of. Be ready to commit when you put this beautiful desert plant in your garden!

About Perennials

From the University Of Idaho Extension

The term perennial refers to non-woody plants that live and flower for three or more years. Some are short-lived and will last in the garden for only three to four years. Others will live and bring vibrant color to the garden for many years. Most perennials will die to the ground over winter and regrow from crowns or roots when warm spring weather arrives.

Perennials provide an advantage over annuals in that they do not need to be replanted every year. They also require very little in the way of fertilizer, and in some cases water inputs. A disadvantage is that many perennials do not flower over the entire summer. This can be overcome by planting many complementary species to ensure that at least some are in bloom at any given time. Many perennials are planted for their interesting form or beautiful foliage.


Want to learn more? The University of Idaho Extension is an amazing resource to learn everything you need to know about gardening. Check out