Idaho Breweries

If there’s a common thread among the eclectic collection of folks moving into the valley, it’s a human one – our fundamental need to connect. I’d argue Idaho and specifically the Treasure Valley has a mostly all-ages way to meet that need – breweries. 

About the Author: Joe Morgan is a creative and passionate beer connoisseur. He creates beautiful visuals inspired by the tasted and personality of his subjects. Find more of his beautiful work on his Instagram: @coldonejoe or on his website

Beer = Community by Joe Morgan

While alcoholic beverages are reserved for those who’ve reached the appropriate age, communal spaces and family-friendly (also pet friendly) environments can realistically be cultivated anywhere. Breweries, perhaps oddly enough, are no exception. And local breweries in the valley are proving to be such spaces for those unopposed to craft beer.

From fully developed menus for every kind of foodie in your household to pseudo-facilitated family game nights and live music, breweries offer much more than beer. And it goes without saying, but these establishments provide adults with some truly well-crafted brews that span the spectrum of what beer can be and showcases Pacific Northwest ingenuity and how intentional the region is about creating something that transcends whatever any given drinks’ alcohol percentage may be. It’s refined. It’s versatile. It’s outside of the box. It’s progressive. And truly unique tasting experiences abound here in the Treasure Valley and beyond. 

This offer of connection is evidenced by a something-for-everyone approach to operating breweries locally. This doesn’t apply to every local brewery for various reasons. But for those breweries with the capacity – with the means to facility the spectrum of human connection and entertainment, you’ll find an eagerness to bring everyone under the same roof. 

Western Collective and Payette Brewing Company in Boise along with Mother Earth Brewing Company and 2C Family Brewing in Nampa are perfect examples of the aforementioned approach some breweries take towards operating in the valley.

Weekly trivia, live music, yard games, and simple, yet well-prepared menus offer the beer-averse everything from coffee, to wine, to chorizo hotdogs fresh off of the smoker all while accompanied by your close friends and family. And I would be remiss if I failed to mention the world-class salmon and chips available at Sockeye Brewing Company in Meridian. 

In Idaho, brewing beer is about far more than beer. It’s about the art of brewing good beer. And our local breweries passion for their craft bleeds into the way in which they foster community and emphasizes the hospitality Idaho is known for.