The Show Goes On

Ballet Idaho presents to us Hidden Languages, A Season in Five Movements. You can subscribe to the digital season online to view live performances and 2 World Premieres.

Watch the trailer:

When the Covid gets tough, the tough get creative.

In the spirit of balancing tradition and adjusting to change in the holiday season, we would like to take a moment to highlight the creativity and versatility that Ballet Idaho has demonstrated in recent months – in spite of the fact that they aren’t able to perform their largest production of the year.
The yearly production of The Nutcracker is not only the highest attended show of the year, but the strongest supporting revenue source for Ballet Idaho. The company was faced with the devastation of canceling this magical holiday tradition due to Covid-19. They say the bigger the obstacle, the greater the opportunity. This group of dance professionals chose to prove their creative genius by seeing the opportunity in such an unfortunate situation; Ballet Idaho went digital.
Bringing an entirely a new concept for a traditional ballet company means navigating the unknown, however, certain restrictions have seemed to open new doors. For example, the company has had to turn to zoom rehearsals when necessary for health and safety purposes. While some creatives might focus on the limitations, they saw an amazing opportunity to hire a choreographer from Switzerland that they would have never had the resources to hire before.
Another breakthrough has been their focus on digital documentation – capturing an immersive behind the scenes experiences to share with viewers and followers. Documenting rehearsal footage and interviews with dancers has proven to break a barrier between the performers and their audience. Now, the stage seems to be wherever they say it is – it’s no surprise that they are drawing in new communities. Going digital means that anyone with an internet connection has access to what used to be confined to limited seating. You don’t have to be in Boise to enjoy the show.
For everyone who will be missing the Nutcracker as much as I am, I am pleased to tell you that Ballet Idaho will be performing the world premier of “A Spectacular Holiday Spectacular” in the second movement of Hidden Languages. This is said to be a charming and funky winter production directed by Anne Mueller, Ballet Idaho’s Artistic Director. This will include a local, original music collaboration with Idaho Ho Ho, and proceeds will be donated to the Women and Children’s Alliance. You can find rehearsal footage for this event on Facebook, and can purchase your virtual tickets here!
A special thanks to Alanna Love, Ballet Idaho Marketing Director, for the lovely insight to this season’s offerings.