Proud Source Water

 We are proud to bottle naturally alkaline spring water while benefiting the community and conserving our planet. Beyond the bottle, there is a story, and we love to share ours.

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Who is Proud Source Water? 

Proud Source Water was founded on the principles of doing good for our planet and others. Our brand journey began with a mission to create jobs in a small, mountain town called Mackay, Idaho – population 514 (pronounced Mack-EE). 

The geographical region Mackay is situated within is dripping in natural beauty. This region is supervolcanic, and has seen thousands of years of glacial evolution with the Yellowstone glacial activity. 

At one point in time, Mackay benefitted from a solid economy based on mining and the cattle trade. As the national economy evolved, the small town of Mackay saw a decrease in available jobs in the town and the economy started to highlight a needed lift in foundational business in the community. 

Among the many natural gifts the region has brought to us is water – specifically Alkaline Spring Water. Less than 1% of the world’s spring water is Alkaline. The Spring Water in Mackay is legendary and revered by the local generations as the best tasting spring water known to mankind. There’s an expression Mackay locals like to say, “Once you’ve tasted the water in Mackay, you’ll never leave.”

The founding team of Proud Source Water has deep roots in the community of Mackay. A co-founder is from a 6th generation family from Mackay. He is credited with the idea to create a bottled water company with this precious asset from the town as a way to boost local jobs and build back a foundation to this small community in the Rockies. Proud Source Water has also pledged to bottle in the most sustainable material and conserve the spring- we will never take more than 5% of the spring’s output. 

Shovels hit the dirt soon after the idea to start the company and Proud Source Water began to  build a best in class bottling facility at the base of the spring source. The facility is modern, and built in an energy efficient manner. As an example, there are no pumps used to get water to the facility, we gravity feed it to conserve energy. Similarly, we designed radiant floor heating to conserve energy and keep the plant warm. Our plan to become net zero as a facility is in reach when we can gain solar power to the area in 2021. Our sustainable efforts started with local impact to the community and quickly evolved through our business practices, there was one final piece to solve: packaging. 

We could not find it in our soul to bottle this amazing spring water in a material like plastic. We created a company based on doing right and good intentions, in addition to existing within natural beauty. We knew we had to make responsible choices in packaging for future generations. After much research, Aluminum presented itself as the best option to go live with. It is recycled in every state, and is infinitely recyclable (it will never lose it’s material strength upon recycling over and over). In fact, 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use. All the pieces of Proud Source Water came together. This is truly bottled water done right, and began our mission to be the most transparent bottled water company in the world. 

Proud Source Water launched locally in Idaho, but soon found its way to the Sprouts stores as it’s first national customer. This relationship quickly grew to national natural grocery customers like Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and many natural co-op stores throughout the country. Consumers fell in love with our product due to the natural characteristics our spring water brings: 8.5 pH with electrolytes and minerals straight from the earth. 

We were fortunate to bring on many more national retailers not only in natural grocery, but also in conventional grocery & convenience as well. As of now, we have about 25,000 doors across the nation with major retail partners like Sprouts, Whole Foods, Albertson/Safeway, Publix, Fred Meyer, HEB, etc. 

As we evolved through the years, we knew we wanted to continue to give back as a brand, so it was important to Proud Source Water to become members of 1% for the Planet. Over the years, we were able to help 5 Gyres, Save the Bay, and the Surfrider Foundation with coastal efforts to clean our water / coastlines.

Additionally, we knew it was important to have an internal culture that stood for our operating principles. A proud moment came in 2019 when we officially received certification as a B-Corp.

March 2020: A turning point in the brand.

In March of 2020, we decided as a company to evolve the Proud Source brand-

      1. Additional spring source on the East Coast to replicate our story of local impact, sustainability and natural alkaline water.
      2. Produce a new SKU: Sparkling Water. Launched in October 2020
      3. Launch a new Website/Bottle Design 

Our brand strategy has evolved as the insight to be Earth’s Water. Proud Source Water is all about 3 key elements. Here is what makes us Proud:

      1. We will never bottle water that is not Alkaline Spring water from a protected source. We will only bottle the earth’s best spring water.
      2. Impact: Proud Source will never be successful if we don’t create positive local impact.  We add jobs in rural America and celebrate origin.
      3. Sustainability: all operations within Proud Source have the highest regard for our planet. We leverage energy efficient methods to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are proud to bottle naturally alkaline spring water while benefiting the community and conserving our planet. Beyond the bottle, there is a story, and we love to share ours.

*Use code silvercreekrealtyproud for 25% all online orders!*