The Beauty of a Well-Kept Secret

“The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places” – Roald Dahl

See why this outdoor enthusiast believes the best Idaho adventure spots are kept close to the heart.

Some people call Idaho the nation’s best kept secret. From the stunning, mighty landscapes of the Frank Church Wilderness to North America’s deepest river gorge in Hell’s Canyon, there is no shortage of breathtaking views and opportunities for all types of outdoor recreation. Moving to Idaho might give one the impression that they may be privy to the undisclosed wonders, but the beauty of a well-kept secret is not in the information itself, it lies in its confidantes.

Most Idaho natives know that to learn of a new hot spring, camping spot, or fishing hole is a rare occurrence, and there is value in that. It is hard work to get someone to tell you where they landed that monster Westslope Cutthroat or how to get to the most secluded, sandy beach on Redfish lake. Don’t even bother asking someone where they go bow hunting unless you truly know where the draw above No Tell’em Creek is. Some may say that is a narrow-minded outlook, or even a bit rude, but to me it lies alongside the very spirit of adventure.

Time after time we Google ‘fun recreation activities’ and set out on a grand excursion only to get there and find it overrun with people, and sadly sometimes ridden with garbage. Now, there are many wonders of the state that are only a click away, well-kept, and worth every gas station pit stop along the way; but the true beauty of what the potato state has to offer lies in what you cannot gain access to within wifi range. It lies outside of one’s comfort zone, in the unspoken treasure of a wrong turn from a muted apple maps, staying among the path just to find out where it might lead. It is right there within the fishing trip that turned into an afternoon spent bouldering, or the rain that ruined the firestarter so the closest dive bar would have to make do until things dry out.

Those trips are the reasons the state’s confidantes are so loyal – because there is something new to be found in every trip not going as planned. The detours leading to a blurry spot on the map help to uncover a place that had so much more than they were ever looking for. The state is full of them, and they are everyone’s to explore. Living here means you are in on one piece of classified Idaho information: the best kept secrets are the ones you get to discover yourself.

About the author:
Clara Comer is a Boise State alum from southern Idaho and currently works as a Fisheries Technician for the US Forest Service in central Idaho. She is working towards obtaining a Master of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Management in hopes of better preserving, protecting, and restoring the breathtaking natural resources, including the vast fisheries, within the state.