The Shoe That Grows

The Story:

Founded in 2013 by Nampa local, Kenton Lee, The Shoe that Grows has been blessing lives worldwide ever since. After college in 2007, Kenton lived and worked at a small orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. One thing he noticed while he was there was how so many children didn’t have shoes – or had shoes that were too small or in disrepair. Some children had to cut the front off their shoes so their toes could stick out. This made Kenton think:

What if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand its size?

What if there was a shoe that could grow?

These questions were the beginning of a lifelong legacy and solution for kids all over the world – leading to even bigger and better things for those in poverty. 

The Impact:

Kenton and his team started a non-profit called Because International in 2013. The mission: Use products as solutions to alleviate poverty by meeting immediate needs and creating opportunities for empowerment. 

Through Because International, The Shoe That Grows was born. A shoe that can expand – and grow – as a child’s foot grows, allowing a greater life for the shoes. Not only does this protect little feet, it allows children to attend school, a place where shoes are required. Kids without shoes can’t go to school

But it doesn’t stop there. Because International has created manufacturing facilities for their shoes in areas they serve the most – so they aren’t just providing shoes. They are providing jobs, a reduced carbon footprint, support for local economies, lower shipping costs, and culturally relevant products.

In 2019 alone, over 70,000 pairs of shoes were distributed to kids in need. Over 1000 partners helped make the distributions possible. This company is doing big things! 

Ways to Get Involved:

Love what this organization is all about?  Us too!

Set up a fundraiser through Because International. Funds are used to produce shoes and create new projects to help kids in need. 

Make a one time donation:

Send one pair of shoes each month to a child in need: 

Feeling extra excited? You can take shoes to impoverished areas during your travels and distribute to orphanages and children in need. Connect with Because International to 

Order shoes for personal use: 

Follow on social media: and @becauseinternational