Leap Charities; Opening the Door

The odds that you have either directly or indirectly witnessed the housing affordability emergency here in our community are pretty high. Take a moment to think about it: Was it a client’s family who you as an agent were a saving grace? Maybe a parent whose property tax burden is growing beyond their fixed budget?  Or could it have been sibling who can’t find an affordable apartment to rent or an adult child who is feverishly trying to purchase a home but is getting beat out over and over again? Maybe it’s you yourself? We have all likely witnessed housing-related suffering in one way or another and if you’re like most people, you wish you could find mercy for these folks.

Working alongside LEAP Charities—the sister nonprofit to Property People, a real estate team operating under Silvercreek Realty Group— this writer encounters his neighbors’ struggles on a daily basis. Despite the best intentions of a community that is known for its kindness, a feeling of helplessness often paralyzes even the most optimistic of us. “What can I do about this?” often becomes the all too familiar roadblock for many in the face of a problem that just seems too big.

But do you want to hear some good news? The power of one can have exponential effects and it is so easy right now to help. Devoted experts in our community are working day in and day out to resolve some of our community’s greatest housing-related needs and all you have to do is reach out in this season of giving. Avenues for Hope is “an online campaign fueled by the power of social media and collaboration… created in 2011 to help enhance resources for housing nonprofits and services throughout Idaho.” With a simple donation, you can contribute to the work already being done by housing nonprofits here in our community. Additionally, there are many matching funds and different prizes available to stretch your donation even further.

LEAP Charities (Love, Empowerment, And Partnership) is one group that is forging ahead to find innovative solutions to help ease the affordable housing crisis we are all experiencing here. Be it providing clean, safe and affordable welcome housing for some of our world’s most marginalized people; developing attractive and affordable housing for some of our community’s most impoverished at 30% or below of the median income; preserving existing manufactured housing in the face of development; or assisting folks who think homeownership is out of their reach, LEAP is working day in and day out to help families of all backgrounds to find security in their housing needs. But they need your help. Please take a moment to donate to LEAP through the Avenues for Hope website. It’s fast, simple and secure. A minimum of $25 can go a long way to help our neighbors through this tough time in our community and will show that Silvercreek cares.

By Nate Walsh,
Realtor, Silvercreek Realty Group