Stay-at-home orders have drastically shifted the way educators communicate with their students. Online learning now is essential for Idaho students to continue their education. Many Idaho students, however, don’t have the computer or connectivity to access their courses. Idaho Business for Education is taking this problem head on. 


While thousands of students don’t have devices at home to use for their distance learning, even more don’t have internet access to do so. In conjunction with the Idaho Community Foundation, we have a set up a fund where anyone can donate whatever they can to help us bring connectivity to the students of Idaho.

Helping the students of Idaho get connected requires innovation and the support of local communities. Any amount will help the students of Idaho continue distance learning while the schools are shut down.

You can donate today to the Idaho Community Foundation’s Internet for Students Emergency fund by clicking here. Any amount helps the students of Idaho!


Bringing computers and connectivity to Idaho students: As you know, Idaho’s schools are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Idaho schools now must rely on Remote Learning so that students can finish their education this semester. Unfortunately, thousands of Idaho students do not have computers or other devices at home where they can access this learning. They also don’t have connectivity. Idaho Business for Education has a plan to get computers and connectivity to these students.

Have a computer or device to donate? GO HERE to learn how.




A huge thank you to Kim Sitton with the Star Lions Club