Why September is the Best Month for Home Buyers

There’s no denying that June, July, and August are hot months for home buying. Summertime is a popular time to move and that means you can expect high prices and bidding wars when you’re shopping for a home. Come September, most people looking to move have already made their purchase, so there will be fewer people competing with you for the same homes. But if you’re looking for the best month, you might want to consider September.

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2022 Home Renovation Trends

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be the collection of what you love” -Nate Berkus

We as homeowners; as humans, are ever evolving. Rachel Green once inspired our haircuts. Joanna Gaines now inspires our homes. As time goes on and trends fade in and out, we breathe in the acceptance of who we are today while at the same time feeling gratitude for who we were then. We experience the same feelings in our homes. What was once a small closed-in kitchen may now be an open concept with bright whites that bleed seamlessly into the living room. We bask in the new beauty but hold the old kitchen and its memories in the archives.

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2021 Reflection

As the leading brokerage in the state of Idaho since 2014, Silvercreek® Realty Group kicked off 2021 with big shoes to fill. Our brokerage continues to grow not only in size, but in overall impact on our communities. We are proud of our Silvercreek REALTORS® for their diligence, excellence, and commitment to serve. 

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